Hadar Wooden Coaster

RM 29

Serve a comforting home-cooked meal on this classic, handcrafted tray. Each coaster brings a rustic, homey touch to every dish you serve. They're the perfect size for any activity and the food (parties, breakfast, dinner, etc) it calls for. Its multi-functionality is also ideal for dressing tables, bathrooms, or jewelry.

Each tray is made of all-natural, local wood to ensure durability, sustainability, and stability.

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  • WoodWorks POC
  • WoodWorks Sustainable

- Made from 100% Rainwood

- 100% eco-friendly and ethically sourced

- 23cm W x 3cm thickness

- Self pick-up via customer's arranged courier

- Shipping outside of West Malaysia will be charged

WoodWorks prides itself in providing quality work. As such, we ensure that each of our customers are satisfied with our craftsmanship before finalizing the purchase. Should you want more clarification on our policies, you can get in touch with us via our website or other e-commerce platforms. 

You've put a lot of care and consideration into the furniture of your choice. We know that with continued care at home, each piece you receive from us should be a part of your space for many years to come. Now, time for your owner's care guide:

- Dust or clean with soft, dry cloth.

- Wood characteristics: grain, knots, pitting, mineral deposits.

- Expansion and contraction will occur with changes in humidity and over time.

- Do not use any abrasive cleaners.

- Protect from heat and liquids.

*All products are handmade; therefore, the final product may not be the exact replica of the pictured product on our site.

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People of Color Owned

People of Color Owned products come from a business, company, or non-profit where 51% or more of the company who makes the product is owned or run by Indigenous or People of Color. Diversity and representation are often hard to come by in the ethical furniture and consumerism industry. WoodWorks has made it our goal to create products that are helpful to both the earth and the people who inhabit it–especially the minorities. Celebrating diversity and highlighting underrepresented communities (the Orang Asli) in business is core to WoodWork’s mission.

Sustainability Practices

This product was ethically sourced and intentionally designed to create minimal environmental impact. WoodWorks’ sustainable sourcing methods include: responsibly harvesting raw materials locally, upcycling/recycling used materials (such as fallen trees; never chopped), or using natural, eco-friendly materials.